Vision & Technology
Vision & Technology
Solve the problem of accelerated ovarian decline to change the trajectory of women's health and equality. Ovaries age up to 5x faster than any organ in the body and this accelerated ovarian decline results in infertility, menopause, and an increased number of years spent in poor health.
While the lifespan of humans has nearly doubled in the last two centuries, the average age at which female fertility declines and menopause takes place has remained almost consistent since accurate medical records began in the 1800s.
Menopause, which causes medical consequences associated with old age and frailty, is not necessarily an evolutionary imperative.
We want to synchronize the pace of ovarian aging to the rate of aging in other organs such as the liver, brain, or skin. When ovaries are termed “geriatric” by many traditional medical criteria, the rest of the body is certainly not and this creates conflict for people pushing them to make compromises they may not wish to make.

Considering human healthspan and lifespan have increased significantly, we believe this biological phenomenon is no longer fit for purpose and is a problem worth solving.
We have one imperative - we need to make products & therapies that people love.
improve assisted fertility with the aim to eliminate infertility over time
facilitate drug discovery & toxicity screening with a model of the female reproductive system
make the medical burden of menopause optional
Applying the advances of cellular reprogramming, Gameto’s team created human re-engineered cells of the female reproductive system (granulosa cells & oocytes precursors). We now have a platform for ovarian therapeutics with sequenced programs:
We start from first principles that if the problem we are trying to solve is the lack of ovaries when people need them, then we should try to make ovaries with science. Therefore, our scientific work involves reconstituting ovarian development and function in vitro, elucidating the underlying growth factor and genetic networks that drive human ovarian development and oogenesis. We aim to leverage our allogeneic human cellular derivatives of our platform to therapeutic applications for assisted fertility and menopause.
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