Team & Careers
Gameto brings together people who are scientists, creative problem-solvers, resilient executors and are intensely passionate about eliminating infertility, menopause, and redefining the possibilities of reproductive longevity
Brielle Valle
Carla Kotler
Our team is mission-driven, kind, collaborative and authentic. We are determined to rewrite history and use scientific breakthroughs to create products people love. See our open positions
Christian Kramme
Chief of Staff
Executive Assistant
Chief Science Officer
If you’re interested in joining our mission-driven biotech and would like to contribute to our work, please look our open positions or get in touch and tell us more about yourself at
Team & Careers
Dina Radenkovic
Chief Executive Officer
Jesus Mejia
Martin Varsavsky
Milos Fulton Peluffo
General Counsel
Business Development
Natalia Zang
Finance Director
Pranam Chaterjee
Co-founder & Scientific Advisor
515 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
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